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Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Located in southwest Bakersfield, the Buena Vista Edible Schoolyard olive orchard thrives year-round, dedicated to producing the highest quality oil in the central valley while actively supporting wellness education for the children of Kern County. These olive trees, carefully transplanted from Woodlake, California by the dedicated Darcy Marshall, bear testament to a legacy of excellence.


Annually, Mr. Marshall meticulously harvests and presses the finest olives, resulting in a premium extra virgin olive oil. This liquid gold is not only a culinary delight but also a source of philanthropy. The finished product is generously donated to the Edible Schoolyard Kern County and Grow Academies in Shafter and Arvin.


Within these programs, students embark on a journey to cultivate healthy eating habits through experiential seed to table education. The limited production of this high-quality olive oil finds its way into our kitchen classrooms and school cafes, enriching the culinary experience.


The olive orchard's generosity extends beyond educational boundaries, as the surplus harvest is shared with our communities each year. The proceeds from the sale of this exceptional olive oil circle back into our programs that benefits both our students and the community.

You can purchase Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lassen’s Natural Foods and Vitamins, Wood-Dale Meat Markets, and Archer the Storefront.

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For more information on Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

including wholesale opportunities, call (661) 241-7033.

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