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Edible Schoolyard Kern County, LLC (ESYKC) acknowledges that your child has voluntarily enrolled in an Edible Schoolyard Kern County program located at Buena Vista Edible Schoolyard, 6520 Buena Vista Road in Bakersfield (the "Property"). 

ESYKC is a working garden and kitchen. As such, basic gardening and kitchen tools, live animals, and other such hazards inherent to gardening and cooking activities exist on the Property and may pose a danger to your child. You acknowledge that theses hazards exist and agree to assume full responsibility for your child and understand and accept any risk of injury in connection with your child's participation in the program or your child's presence on the Property. 
You, by accepting this Release and Waiver of Liability, on behalf of yourself and your child hereby release and hold harmless ESYKC and its officers, directors, employees, and representatives from any and all liability resulting from any injury your child may sustain in connection with and arising out of such hazards, or in connection with your child's participation in the program, or your child's presence on the Property. You acknowledge that ESYKC is undertaking no duties with respect to you and your child. 

Updated Health and Safety Guidelines 

1. Programs will be restricted to children who live in the local geographic region only. 

2. Camp group sizes will be limited. 

3. All staff and participants temperatures will be screened daily, as long as the CDC and local health officials recommend this practice. 

4. We will implement enhanced social distancing measures, while still providing enjoyable learning opportunities for participants. 

5. We will provide separate tools and related items for each participant to the extent possible. 

6. Face coverings will be worn by staff and encouraged to be worn by participants when social distancing is difficult. 

7. We will reinforce regular hand washing and ensure adequate supplies and access to soap and hand sanitizer as well as paper towels and no-touch trash cans. 

8. Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily, and shared objects cleaned between uses. 

9. Camp will be conducted outdoors as much as possible. 

10. Educators will remain with the same group of camp participants and camp groups will not be mixed. 

11. At times when participants may be seated, they will sit at least 6 feet apart. 

12. We unfortunately will not be able to allow visitors or volunteers at this times. 

To ensure the safety of all, if unfortunately, a child is not feeling well and experiencing symptoms of any illness, including COVID-19, they will be safely escorted to an isolation area. We will notify the child's parent or emergency contact as immediately as possible and request the emergency contact arrange to safely pick up the ill child promptly. If required by the medical condition, and consistent with the child's emergency medical forms, emergency health services will be contacted. To ensure we have all information needed, it is critical that the child's medical and emergency contact form is completed before the start of the first day of camp. 

Should a child or staff member have symptoms of COVID-19, and/or test positive for COVID-19, we will appropriately notify other staff, parents/guardians of other camp participants and local health officials of a potential exposure to COVID-19. We will ensure confidentiality is maintained consistent with applicable federal and state privacy laws. This includes not disclosing the name of the person experiencing symptoms and/or testing positive for COVID-19. Individuals with potential exposure to COVID-19 will follow CDC guidelines regarding testing and return to the Edible Schoolyard. 

Any area recently used by a person with COVID-19 symptoms/diagnosis will be closed off and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, before staff and camp participants will be allowed to return. This cleaning procedure may close the program for a short period. 

Should families have questions regarding safety protocols, need to report symptoms and/or potential notice of exposure, or have questions regarding potential exposure, should contact Dylan Wilson by phone at 661-241-7047.

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